Rebel VETS Writers – ENG101 for the UNLV Military Community

English 101 is a writing intensive course designed to improve critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by providing students practical guidance in writing the short, 3-5 page, focused, thesis-driven, college paper.  Students progress from personal expressive writing to text-based expository essays appropriate for an academic audience.  Students develop strategies for turning their experience, observations, and analyses into evidence suitable for writing in a variety of academic disciplines.  A minimum of four papers and a timed essay exam are required components of the course.

In this special section of English 101, the reading and writing will focus on the experience of the student veteran.  Students will work collaboratively to develop writing skills in a workshop-type environment.  The goal of the course is to offer veterans and military members the opportunity to work on writing skills, while also developing a community of military-minded writers.  This course satisfies the UNLV General Education requirement for English 101 and is covered by the GI Bill.

To register for this section of English 101, please contact Rebel VETS Program Coordinator, Sally Caspers, at 702-774-4611.  You will need to verify your service, either with a DD-214 or active duty/reserve orders, in order to be released for registration.

Course Details:

Course Number: ENG101W-1003

Class Meets:  Tues /Thurs 10am – 11:15am

Instructor:  Homer Simms