Calling all women veterans!

From researchers at UNLV…

A UNLV lab is currently conducting a study focusing on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the hormonal effects on female military personnel.  This study is being conducted to further the understanding of PTSD within female veterans.  With the large gender difference in PTSD incidence within men and women, understanding the biological effects of PTSD in women may influence better gender specific treatments methods to be developed.

From Rebel VETS…

In other words, the researchers on this study are trying to figure out if female hormones affect the way PTSD is manifested in women and then determine if changes in standard therapies would be more successful for women.  They’re wondering if we could tailor treatment differently for women and men and have more success.

Check out their flyer, below, to learn more and get in touch with the research team to get involved!



Female Veteran PTSD Study