Spring 2012 – Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Rebel Vets!  With classes for the Spring 2012 semester starting next week (17 Jan), the campus is starting to wake up from our Winter Break quiet time.  We’ve seen lots of you in the Office of Veteran Services this week to turn in your Semester Enrollment Forms and get your GI Bill benefits flowing for another semester.  Rest assured that our VA Certifying Official is working hard to have your anticipated payments loaded on MyUNLV by the payment deadline.  Be sure to check your MyUNLV account activity (Finances or Financial Aid tab) to see if it’s been done before you call to check on it…every phone called answered means time not spent processing paperwork.

If you’re looking for a refresher on how the GI Bill works, have general questions about VA policy, or are thinking of changing tracks, you might check out this blog post from the official VA blog, VAntage Point.  Great resources there from a vet who is both a student and working at VA.

If you’re new to campus, please come visit the Office of Veteran Services sometime.  We’d love to meet you and set you up with lots of tools for success.  Also, be sure to reach out to the UNLV Student Veteran Organization when you’re ready to get involved and meet some of your peers.  You’ll find them on Facebook and Twitter (@svounlv) or on the web at http://www.studentveterans.org/unlv.

Looking forward to working with you all and here’s to a great 2012!